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Review of Google Wave

Though I'm still waiting on my actual Google Wave account so I can do a more official review, I wanted to provide some initial thoughts. First and foremost, Google Wave exists because Google is missing out on all the Facebook content being posted because it's all private. As more and more people log time on Facebook, Google loses dominance because it can't access that information and serve it up for search. In short, Google Wave is an attempt to take the Facebook Feed and other content and move it into the open or at least somewhere that Google can get to it.

Useful Twitter Tools

I came across a couple of interesting tools for doing Twitter analysis. The first is Twitterholic which shows you the top Twitter channels based on the number of followers. The second tool is called Twist. Twist is a tool that shows trends for certain terms and has some nice graphs. This is very similar to Google Trends where you can see the popularity of concepts over time.

Review of Spring Webflow 2

I've been excited about the promise of workflow tools since I began my career fifteen years ago. But all the tools I've worked with failed to deliver on that promise. My complaint is that they've always been too complex and I've consistently held that if you can't use notepad to make flows, the tool will never be a hit with developers. Simple is why the SMTP protocol rules the e-mail planet long after better, more secure protocols have been available to replace it.

iPhone Apps. To build or not to build.

A client recently asked my advice on whether or not I felt it made sense for them to take one of their applications and build it out as an iPhone application. Here are some things to chew on while trying to decide if an iPhone application makes sense for your business.

How often will the application be used?

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